NG- Life, Light and War Domains

Patron deity to the now lost kingdom of Soris, he is still worshipped by the majority of Humans and Halflings of Stoneshore.  During the God War, he was warmly welcomed by the priests and Holy Kings of Soris and dwelt at Klefft, though he often marched with their armies and performed many mighty miracles to aid the humans in repelling the forces of savage folk (see Orcs) pouring in from the Ice Lands.  

His temples are usually large, stone buildings that are decorated with artwork depicting brave warriors and pious priests protecting the people from all that is dark and evil in the world.  His priests are expected to be trained somewhat in arms and to help in the event of an attack on their community, sometimes even stepping up to command even the smallest of militias.

His holy symbol is a up-turned sword set in front of a blazing sun.


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