Humans possess exceptional drive and a great capacity to endure and expand, and as such are currently the dominant race in the world. Their empires and nations are vast, sprawling things, and the citizens of these societies carve names for themselves with the strength of their sword arms and the power of their spells. Humanity is best characterized by its tumultuousness and diversity, and human cultures run the gamut from savage but honorable tribes to decadent, devil-worshiping noble families in the most cosmopolitan cities. Humans’ curiosity and ambition often triumph over their predilection for a sedentary lifestyle, and many leave their homes to explore the innumerable forgotten corners of the world or lead mighty armies to conquer their neighbors, simply because they can.

Most of the humans currently living in Stoneshore can be grouped into two groups.  The first  group is called the Men of the Stone and is lighter in skin, hair and eye color and made up the majority of the population at the time of the Earthbreaker War.  And while they are still the more numerous, their power has waned in the wake of the war.  The second group is called the Men of the Sea and is darker in all regards and only recently arrived in Stoneshore by large boats.  They have since built large cities on the coast whose might hasn't been seen in the land since the Earthbreaker War.


Men of the Sea

Men of the Stone

Southern Humans


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