God War

Though not all religions agree on the reason, all agree that the gods came down to earth in the form of avatars to lead their followers in a more direct fashion.  In Stoneshore, that meant that Gods of Preservation appeared and dwelt among their followers.  Mesmessir was warmly welcomed in Klefft and the already impressive temple dedicated to him was further improved by donations from across the land.  Likewise, Moudin and Celionor was honored and taken to the courts of the Dwarfves and Elfves that worshipped them.  

However, when it became apparent that the Gods of Destruction were also wandering the land among their own followers, the priests of Soris and the Dwarven strongholds met to determine if they could destroy those that were empowering their long time foes.  Turning to Moda, they learned a method of creating a weapon capable of slaying a god.  Some say that the goddess was hesitant to give that information, warning that any action is bound to have unforeseen consequences, while others say that the goddess willingly gave them the secrets they needed, knowing full well what would result from it.  In secret they toiled, gathering the materials needed to forge such a weapon.  While they toiled, the kingdoms of Stoneshore gathered their forces to repel the emboldened savage races from the Ice Lands as well as the Underdark.  War broke out, with the gods on either side strengthening their forces and performing miracles that awed and terrified all who witnessed them.

Once the weapon was finished, it was dubbed Godbane and given to Soris' holiest paladin Baun the Pure, who led an army against the giants and other monsters that had flocked to the side of Echidna.  Long was that battle fought until Baun was able to break through the enemies ranks and kill foul Echidna.  Killing her however released a tempest on the battlefield that nearly wiped out both armies.  During the chaos, Baun was struck down and Godbane was lost.  While most considered the weapon buried somewhere in the frozen swamp that once was the battlefield, Dark Elfves had instead managed to find and spirit the weapon away.  

Amongst themselves, they hatched a plan to strike at their hated surface cousins of Quendayar.  Bribing a dwarven warrior named Torgrim the Black with promises of wealth and power, they armed him with the stolen weapon and convinced him to ride to the elven kingdom under the flag of a messenger.  When stopped by the elves, he said he had an urgent missive from Moudin for Celionor.  At that time, the elves still trusted their dwarven allies and escorted Torgrim to their capital to meet with their god.  However, once in his presence, Torgrim killed Celionor with Godbane.  Perhaps the drow knew what would happen next or they honestly believed that there would be another tempest unleashed, but instead Celionor's death caused the very land underneath the city to split and fire burst out of the crags.  Overnight, most of the capital was destroyed and replaced with the smoking volcano later called the Burning Heights.  Torgrim died in the upheaval and Godbane was dropped into the maw of the earth, supposedly lost for good.

Appaled by the loss of Celionor, the Gods of Preservation called for a truce with the Gods of Destruction, asking to meet and discuss the war in private.  They met in a location that was later called the Godsmoot on the borders of the Ice Lands, but what they discussed was kept from mortal ears.  However, once the meeting was done, the gods of both noble and savage races forsook the mortal realm, returning to their own planes of existance and only helping their followers via divine agents and granting of divine magic, just like before.

Many scholars agree that the death of Celionor angered the elves and, later during the Earthbreaker War was what caused them to betray their dwarven allies and kill the High Thane.

God War

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