Getting to know 5th Edition

Who does this devil think he is?
False leadership

Traveling with this band of strange men (and one woman) has been a slightly strange experience thus far. However recently, that tiefling scum has decided that HE will lead this group apparently. He continues to speak on behalf of all of us without being asked to. I am afraid this will give our group a bad reputation if this false leadership continues. It's bad enough that we are forced to travel with this Devil in the first place.If anyone should lead this group, it should be the ranger or myself. I refuse to be associated with this evil worm.

Bunch of Weirdos

Turns out you can kill an empty suit of armor, and floating sword. When I finally gave into the dream that has been invading my sleep for some time, I did not expect to find others in the same situation. Nor did I expect to enter a mysterious tower and find death, both old and new, waiting for us. However, none of them seem all that bad, which is rare with people. However, that dragonborne is giving me a bad feeling. I'll have to keep an eye on him. It seems he would talk his way out of anything. I would love to see him try to talk his way out of the swamps.


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